Quadrat-Études specialises in the economic and social analysis of employment and human resources related issues. The topics include :

"Employment, Jobs, Training "

Studies in the field of labour economics and employment prospects: analysis of the prospects of the labour market, design and coordination of social investigations, analysis of the needs for training, elaboration and implementation of Job Observatories, design and processing of complex surveys, factorial and segmented analyses.

"Economics, prospects and evaluation"

Economic and sectorial studies : macroeconomics, corporate strategy, analysis of industrial and tertiary transformations, sectorial prospects, construction of econometric forecasting models, elaboration of prospective scenarios, simulators, evaluation of economic policies, social and economic analyses of consumption behaviours.

The suggested investigation procedures ensure the balance between quantitative approaches (measuring the issue, identifying causalities and leverage effects, forecasting of aggregate data...) and qualitative methods (understanding the cultural environment of the sector, verify the feasibility of the suggested actions).